Prepare for the Unexpected to Prevent a Worse-Case Scenario

A Wild Ride It was a situation the Davenport Municipal Airport could never have anticipated: a man fleeing the cops by vehicle ran his car through an airport gate, sped down the taxiway and crashed into the AVGas fueling platform, causing a fire that destroyed the pumping system. While the crash could have been devastating […]

What’s In Your Fleet Mix?

  Fleets come in all shapes and sizes—so it’s no surprise that every fleet has its own unique fueling requirements. As technology evolves, companies are beginning to expand their fleets with electric vehicles and equipment that runs on biofuel. That means companies that once dealt only with petroleum and/or diesel now have much more varied […]

Electrical & Renewable Solutions

Electrical Services at Acterra Group

FROM LIGHTS TO INTERNET CONNECTIONS, BUSINESSES TO HOSPITALS, WE BUILD THE SYSTEMS THAT POWER EVERYDAY LIFE. YOU NEED THE POWER OF THE ACTERRA GROUP—ELECTRICAL DIVISION. The electrical and communication systems and components we install and maintain represent the foundation of the lives we lead. The wires, conduits, switch boxes, fiber optics and structured cabling take […]

Stay On Top of Your Monthly Tank Maintenance

Double-wall Tanks help with Continuous Release Detection Method (CRDM) and Spill Control. As an operator, you know first-hand the importance of regular tank maintenance. A dose of prevention can help you avoid equipment damage that requires costly repairs or replacements. It can even help you avert a disaster scenario: a leak or spill that causes […]

Quiet, Simple, Future-Ready: Introducing Lely AirCon Wind Turbines

Earlier this year, the Acterra Electrical division travelled to Leer, Germany to check out two promising new wind turbines: the Lely Aircon 10 and Lely Aircon 30. We were totally surprised by how quiet and unobtrusive both turbines were and even more impressed with the engineering. As anyone who has serviced big industrial machinery will […]

Is Your Facility Ready for the EPA UST Regulation Deadline?

The Countdown Has Begun In 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) updated regulations surrounding underground storage tank (UST) facilities for the first time since 1988. The new rules, which affect nearly every UST facility in some way, were put in place to prevent and better detect leaks and releases. While most of the rules have […]

Our Evolution – Business View Magazine Coverage

Acterra was featured in the April 2018 edition of Business View Magazine, an executive business journal covering industry trends and the latest developments in manufacturing, construction, energy and logistics. In the article, President Tad Cooper discusses how the company has evolved since his grandfather started Acterra in 1958, and the importance of diversification and customer […]

Acterra Group Names New President

Tad Christopher Cooper

The Acterra Group is happy to announce that Tad Cooper is assuming a new role as President and Chief Operating Officer of the company, effective August 1, 2017. Mr. Cooper will be responsible for marketing, sales, commercial development, and all Acterra Group operating divisions. Terry Cooper, as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, will continue to […]

Underground Storage Tank Regulations

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has recently revised their rules and regulations regarding the instillation, operation and maintence of Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) EPA Federal Register. The EPA implemented these revisions in hopes of better preventing and detecting groundwater contaimination. The EPA altered the original 1988 UST Regulations and presented the following changes in July […]