Minot Air Force

government division

The Project

Our Government Division was mobilized on Sunday, July 23rd to Minot Air Force Base in Minot, ND, where we provided emergency replacement services to permanently repair a non-functional emergency fuel shut off (e-stop) electrical circuit for their Hydrant Refueling System during a scheduled flight line shut down. The circuit included approximately 30,000 linear feet of stranded wire. The urgent work was completed in eight days—before the flight line reopened.

Our Work

We began by removing the existing conductors. We then cleaned out conduits using compressed air and removed debris from man holes and hand holes. Next, we installed three new conductors and terminated all E-stops (12 total) through a series circuit. We also waterproofed all splices in man holes and hand holes.

Government Services

Acterra has extensive experience working with government agencies to complete projects ranging from design-builds to critical electrical repairs like this. As a full-service contractor, our government clients can rest easy knowing we understand the unique requirements, terminology and regulations needed to complete their project on time and on budget.

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