Liquid Innovation: Building a Better Fluid System


Vermeer Corporation manufactures industrial and agricultural equipment used the world over—from skid loaders to hay balers. Headquartered in central Iowa, Vermeer is no stranger to extreme weather events, including a tornado that tore through their central campus in 2018, causing significant damage to several buildings.


Devastating as it was, the tornado offered a rare opportunity to create a more efficient plant. When it came time to rebuild, Vermeer turned to Acterra for help creating an innovative fluid system that could filter and deliver six different fluids to hose reels located throughout the plant.

Acterra designed and installed Vermeer’s state-of-the-art fluid system, which pulls in liquid from aboveground storage tanks outside, as well as bulk storage tanks located inside the plant. The new system can filter a whopping 1,500 gallons of fuel an hour—previously, it took six hours to filter just gallons, marking a massive improvement in efficiency for the plant. The system is also easy for technicians to use, with each fluid clearly labeled and color coded.

Because Vermeer ships their products internationally, they must adhere to the highest set of industry standards—and all measurements need to be extremely accurate. We built their new fluid system to account for every single fluid ounce of liquid that goes into each product. Fluids are automatically measured as they’re pumped, eliminating guesswork and human error.


Each fluid required different methods of storage—for gas and diesel fuels, Acterra-manufactured FireGuard Tanks were installed outside; other bulk fluids are stored inside using Snyder Industries HDPE Tanks.

Other products and equipment used:

  • TECHniques Filtration Products
  • Hannay Reels
  • Lincoln Lubrication Equipment
  • Blackmer Pumps
  • Franklin Fueling Submersible Pumps
  • Viega Piping


Acterra also served as the project’s contractor, coordinating with piping and storage subcontractors that we trust to do good work. Our extension connections in dozens of industries and specialties ensures we know exactly who to call to get the job done right!