Steel Silo

Our manufacturing division works with a variety of customers in the fabrication of steel products. Storage silos, asphalt tank systems, vats, hoppers, insulated systems and steel parts for OEMs are just some of the specialized products we can, and have, fabricated. If you need something built from carbon or stainless steel, the Manufacturing Division of Acterra can be of service.

Our manufacturing division works with a variety of industries to meet unique storage needs. We have supplied tanks and silos for many different applications including cement, feed, plastics, fertilizers and chemicals to name a few. We can design and build what you need no matter what the application and environment.

We provide silos to the the dry bulk storage market with the installation of storage silos.  Similar to our other storage tanks, typically our dry bulk silos are engineered to meet local building codes.  For the storage of heavy materials such as sand, cement, gravel, or coal, we can custom design each steel storage silo design to withstand any specific gravity desired. Our carbon steel silo construction is designed and install to survive even the harshest of conditions such as excessive heat and heavy snow loads.