acterra has custom liquid storage solutions

Acterra Group – Your Trusted Partner for Fuel and Liquid Management Solutions. Our expertise in fuel storage, distribution, and liquid handling ensures efficient operations and cost-effective solutions. Discover how we optimize your fuel and liquid assets for increased productivity. Contact us today!


Acterra provides sales and installation of Fuel Master, Piusi USA, OPW Fuel Management, Fuel Force and Gasboy fuel management systems. Our factory trained technicians are capable of installing the most intricate systems including on-board diagnostic systems.

FueMaster® saves you money by eliminating manual tracking of fuel transactions and increasing accountability. The same reliable FuelMaster® equipment that’s been the fleet managers’ choice for years has been upgraded to increase productivity and provide a quicker return on investment…usually within the first year!

FuelMaster® engineers and technicians provide the best product support service in the industry. Toll-free support directly to your fuel island, as well as PC to PC training and assistance, saves you time and money.  FuelMaster® doesn’t stop there! Its flexibility permits numerous, diverse uses; e.g., a gate opener, car wash activator, or controlling access to chemicals, to name a few.


For more than 50 years, OPW FMS has delivered product excellence and a broad line of fuel control and tank gauge solutions to retail and commercial fueling operations worldwide. OPW FMS offers a comprehensive line of IntelliSense™ smart sensors, its famous 924B magnetostrictive rigid probe, AST flexible probe, as well as the patented, industry-changing Model 327 Volumetric Line Leak Detector (VLLD) for highly accurate, real-time measurement of line leaks.


The FuelForce line of unattended fleet fueling systems provides solutions for the smallest fleet to largest multi-site operations. Since 1981, FuelForce hardware and software have provided fleet owners with flexible and cost effective point of fueling access control with the advanced management reporting and analytics that allow managers to understand events and trends.


Established in 1953, Piusi maintains its legacy of providing solutions and inspiring ingenuity in the development of:

  • Fuel Transfer and Measurement (FUEL)
  • Lubricant Transfer and Measuring (OIL)
  • Pumps, PTO (Power Take Off) and Compressors for Agriculture (Ag)
  • DEF Dispensing and Metering Systems