Self-Serve Fueling Is Loaded With Benefits


Self-service fueling has slowly but steadily become the norm at general aviation airports. Pilots are now accustomed to the convenience and freedom of being able to fuel their own plane by themselves—often times at night when there is no staff to man the fueling equipment, or during the busiest hours of the day when there can be a long wait for the fuel truck.

In the last decade, many small to medium-sized airports have finally added aviation fuel cabinets to their facilities to offer these self-serve capabilities. That’s partly because of state and federal grants that help fund these types of upgrades, partly due to demand, and partly thanks to proof that the model works in the first place.

Self-service isn’t new—large, well-funded airports led the charge in testing this model and have had 25+ years to work out the kinks. Now, smaller airports with tighter budgets can reap the benefits without the same costly trial and error. What’s more, aviation fuel cabinets like the kind Acterra manufactures can be tailor made for each airport, allowing them to implement time- and cost-saving features, and eliminate expensive ones that won’t be used.

There’s never been a better time to add self-service capabilities to your airport, or upgrade your old system for added safety and security.

Why add self-service fueling with Acterra Aviation Fuel Cabinets?

  1. Decrease delays and congestion. With easy-to-use self-service fuel cabinets, there’s no need to keep pilots waiting. Keep them moving through your facilities with 24-hour access to fuel.
  2. Reduce staffing costs. Most pilots know how to and are comfortable fueling their planes themselves. And you can’t argue with the convenience! Adding a self-serve fueling station to your airport can reduce staff, hours, and the costs associated with training without cutting back on any of the services you offer.
  3. Increase hours of operation. Self-service means you can stay open longer, even overnight, without the need for additional staff.
  4. Beef up security without adding personnel. Acterra’s aviation fuel cabinets are made with security in mind. Airports can even use their self-service equipment to grant pilots fuel access through Mastercard, Visa or proprietary card systems, limiting the need for extra personnel and saving money in the process.
  5. Make the most of small spaces. Acterra’s aviation fuel cabinets are compact, making them a good fit for airports with a limited amount of storage.

Want to learn more about how Acterra’s custom-made aviation fuel cabinets can benefit your airport? Contact Tony to start a conversation.