Acterra Group’s Mission Statement: 

We fuel the growth of our customers and the Acterra Group team by providing the highest quality fuels systems, services, and equipment.

Acterra Group’s Visions Statement: 

Acterra is one of the nation’s leading service and installation providers for government and industrial fueling systems.

Acterra Group’s Values:

  • Accountability: We own our decisions and outcomes.
  • Customer Service: Take responsibility with a customer service mindset.
  • Teamwork: Working cohesively, collaboratively, constructively, and with transparency as a team.
  • Excellence: We are obsessed with our customer experience.
  • Responsive: We quickly address customer support requests.
  • Reliable Partners: We keep our promises and handle customer concerns effectively.
  • Action-Oriented: We immediately address challenges and seize opportunities with speed and accuracy
The Acterra Group has worked without an OSHA recordable injury for:
My count-up
The best previous record was 880 days.  
Do your part to make our work environment safe.  Everyone stands to benefit. Everyone stands to gain.